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Kavin SankarWhat are the GST rate added for cooking products?

I have ordered some items for my home in online. I am getting some of great experience in buying products by the way of online payment. Choose the best design and color is very important for me. I have visited each types of website and choose the best one for me. Collect more reviews before order the products. I have stored the public reviews for each products buying. I need to present the marriage gift for my friend. Kitchen item is best presenting. So please tell me the best quality and super product for that. I have given great place for you.
 I am also considering the GST rates for each product. Dining or kitchen which one is best? Did you have any idea about GST rates or GST news and updates? Recently the GST rates are changed for the some products. I am collecting the tools and equipments for using in kitchen. Great deal and good placing is important for buying as more. I am really enjoying for buy those products via online. Need to check the product size, quality and weight, and important for price. Price is getting GST rate with actual price.
What is the GST rate applicable in kitchen and dining products? Keep with your answer here. Some of products are getting heavy weight and perfect for using as long time. I need those products for me. My friend is also getting my help for choosing the things as best. My online payment is getting limits and I have store the money for buying. My husband is also supporting me for choose the products for home. Dresses, things, bags, furniture’s, mobile etc are only buying the way of online. It is very best and convenient for me. My time is saves and chooses the quality products also.
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