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Ghanshyam ParmarHow to obtain GENERALISED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES (GSP) - Certificate of Origin

[h1]How to obtain GENERALISED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES (GSP) - Certificate of Origin[/h1]

There are two types of certificates of origin in India - Certificate of origin issued by Chamber of commerce and Certificate of origin issued by Export Inspection Agency. Customs of some importing countries insist either of them to certify the country of origin of goods.
What is GENERALISED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES GSP? How can an exporter get GENERALISED SYSTEM OF PREFERENCES  GSP – Certificate of origin – in India?
GSP means, Generalized System of Preference, which is issued by Export Inspection Agency ( Export Inspection Agency has offices in all major cities to serve exporters in maintaining best quality to meet the specification of buyer to have best quality management system for exporters. In order to get certificate of origin (GSP), before physical movement of goods, you need to apply with export inspection agency as per their specified request form along with copy of commercial invoice duly signed by the authorized signatory. After verifying properly and collecting necessary charges, export inspection agency certifies the document and issues GSP Certificate of origin along with attested copy of commercial invoices.
GSP can be obtained by filing online. Online Registration require IEC.
You may find the procedures to file electronically. Once after filing electronically, the required hard copies of documents can be submitted with respective offices of export inspection council and obtain GSP certificate after paying necessary charges.

Can an exporter obtain GSP after shipment of goods?

Normally GSP certificate of origin issued by export inspection council is obtained before export. However, GSP certificate of origin can be obtained after shipment date with necessary procedures and formalities insisted by the issuing authority. Such GSP certificate reflects as ‘Issued retrospectively’

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